Commit fb7b2624 authored by M. Huang's avatar M. Huang
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put apache to fdi group

parent 235f6f92
......@@ -16,7 +16,10 @@ ARG re=rebuild
# setup user
ARG USR=apache
ARG UHOME=/home/${USR}
RUN groupadd ${USR} && useradd -g ${USR} ${USR} -m --home=${UHOME} -G sudo \
# must be in fdi group as inherent docker users may need to
# write to fdi's lib dir, due to living in fdi' venv
RUN groupadd ${USR} && useradd -g ${USR} ${USR} -m --home=${UHOME} -G sudo,fdi \
&& mkdir -p ${UHOME}/.config \
&& /bin/echo -e '\n'${USR} ALL = NOPASSWD: ALL >> /etc/sudoers
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