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v1.0.1 minor test case for valid

parent 35a328ab
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ To install (It is a good idea to add ``--user`` at the end or to use a virtualen
.. code-block:: shell
python3 -m pip install
python3 -m pip install
If you want to install the ``develop`` branch:
......@@ -422,15 +422,20 @@ f With two positional arguments: arg1-> value, arg2-> description. Parame
# like {'foo': 0b10, 'bar': 0b0110}
return {into[mask]: value for mask, value in masks.items()}
def validate(self, value):
def validate(self, value=INVALID):
""" checks if a match the rule set.
value: will be checked against the ruleset. Default is ``self._valid``.
(valid value, rule name) for discrete and range rules.
{mask: (valid val, rule name, mask_height, mask_width), ...} for binary masks rules.
(INVALID, 'Invalid') if no matching is found.
(value, 'Default') if rule set is empty.
if value is INVALID:
value = self._value
ruleset = self.getValid()
if ruleset is None or len(ruleset) == 0:
return (value, 'Default')
......@@ -592,6 +592,13 @@ def test_Parameter_valid():
assert v.split({0b110000: 'foo', 0b001111: 'bar'}) == {
'foo': 0b10, 'bar': 0b0110}
# display
v = StringParameter('Right', 'str parameter. but only "" is allowed.',
valid={'': 'empty'}, default='cliche', typecode='B')
assert v.validate() == (INVALID, 'Invalid')
assert v.validate('') == ('', 'empty')
assert v.toString(alist=True)[0] == 'Invalid (Right)'
def test_Parameter_features():
# test equivalence of v.setXxxx(a) and = a
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